Sbc Hydrographics llc


Here at Sbc Hydrographics we strive to be the best in the industry. Anything from sema builds to our own bike in easyriders to someone who wants his utv, bike or car etc. customized. There is many different patterns to choose from camo,skulls, patriotic to patterns that your wife and kids will like.

What is Hydrographic Printing

Water Transfer Printing, also known as Hydrographic Printing, allows patterns and designs to be applied to irregularly shaped objects. Any object that can hold a base coat and be safely submerged in water can be dipped. Surfaces such as rims, dashboards, hunting equipment, camouflage items, helmets, skateboards, glassware, and gaming controllers can be customized withthis process. This is same process used by major manufacturers to decorate their products before sale, except you get to take control of the customization yourself.